Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tiny Meals

I was hoping to have a new recipe today ... for some tofu and bean patties I tried. They were something of a flop and not worth sharing sadly. Will try again.

But on a far more cheerful note, I have been really inspired by this blog 'Tiny Simplicity'. The latest post is about 'Tiny Meals' and its got me thinking.

If any of you read my other blog, you'll know that I strive for simplicity. While it has always been something I have strived for, lately inspired by some fabulous bloggers I have been going hardcore when it comes to decluttering and simplifying.

I love the idea of a 'tiny meal'. While Chris doesn't give us any examples, I have been thinking about what a tiny meal would look like for me.

A 'tiny meal' would have just a few ingredients, and little or no cooking. It would be fresh, health-ful and balanced. Of course, it would also be delicious.

- a half avocado with some grainy bread and sliced tomato

- quinoa with chickpeas, fresh herbs and diced capsicums, with some lemon juice and olive oil

- an omelette (with organic, ethically sourced eggs) with mushrooms

- marinated tempeh on grainy bread with veganaise, tomatoe, avocado and salad greens

- wholemeal pita breads with hummus and salad greens

- boiled potatoes, hard boiled eggs, salad greens and veganaise

- baked beans in a tortilla with quacamole and lettuce

Sometimes, a more substantial 'tiny meal' could be easily pulled out from the freezer and heated in a saucepan. In this case, I think a 'one pot rule' should apply if a meal can be considered 'tiny'.

- some good vegetable soup (recipes to come)

- lentil and brown rice bake

- vegan lasagne

I would love to know if you have any thoughts about tiny meals. Do you seek to simplify your meals? I can see this approach would really make my time in the kitchen much more peaceful.